Short trip reports from the hiking group

Longer trip reports, and trip reports with pictures have their own pages. This is the collection of shorter reports. See the full list of trip reports on the main hiker's page.

11 Oct 2003: Hike from Big Basin HQ to Berry Falls (Dave)

We had beautiful weather for our Big Basin hike. Lisa and Bruce rode their bikes from Felton and Palo Alto, respectively, and then joined us for the hike (we got a bit of a late start, because those of us who drove (Casey, Ryk, and Dave) got a bit of a late start.

The sky was completely clear, it was in the high 60's, almost no wind, and enough water in the creeks to still have pretty waterfalls. Lisa led us on a different route than I've taken in the past (up to the McAbee overlook, with a nice view all the way out to the beach. Looked like there was some significant surf out there, as opposed to our quite calm experience at the beach last week.

We continued on down the fireroad to the Howard King trail, down to Waddell Cr. (steep!). Then up Berry Creek, stopping at the falls along the way, and a side trip up to Sunset Trail camp to look at the view, and on back via the Sunset trail, branching off to Skyline to the Sea at Middle Ridge, and on back to the car. About 5 1/4 hours start to end, including breaks, and around 12-13 miles.

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5 Oct 2003: Forest of Nisene Marks and Bonfire on the beach (Dave)

We had a short, but somewhat damaging hike yesterday (Sunday), at Forest of Nisene Marks in Aptos. Rebecca fell, and in catching herself, seems to have sprained her left wrist. Fortunately I had my ace bandage... (Late Flash: It turns out that Rebecca actually broke the bone in her arm, right near the wrist, so it was moderately serious, and she'll be in a cast for a few weeks.

Ralph fell and twisted his knee at about the same time. Grigsby had somehow done something to his ankle on the Pt Reyes trip, although he didn't notice anything until the following day, and still isn't sure what happened, so he bailed out part way through the hike. Then afterwards, during our beach party, I did something to my foot, and the top of the arch on my right foot is sore today, although no bruising or obvious swelling. However, for all of that, it was a great day. The hike was through beautiful second growth redwood, with a small, but very pretty waterfall at the end of it, where we ate lunch, and the weather at the beach was quite nice, with a successful bonfire, toasted marshmellows, and steamed mussels. (The seafood store sold out all it's clams early to somebody who bought the entire 10 pound supply(!) but the mussels were quite good).

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5 Oct 2003: Bonfire on the beach (Casey)

Sunday we gathered together a group and headed to The Forest of Nisene Marks. Our goal was Maple Falls at the end of Bridge Creek Trail. It turns out that none of us had ever been there before and it was a great hike ... right up to the point where one of our group took a slip and ended up breaking her arm.

The good news is that the break is simple and should heal quickly but our brave soldier complained that now she wasn't going to be able to claim a life free of broken bones. I tend to look on the positive side and think of it as a life well-lived that includes broken bones but then it isn't my arm in a cast ... What I want to know now is: do I need to file an OSHA report?

We completed our Sunday adventures at New Brighton beach where we met Lisa for the promised beach bonfire and clam bake. We hauled down way too much to the beach but we were provisioned for any eventuality, including dietary emergencies requiring immediate application of goat cheese, olives, fresh bread, swordfish steak, muscles, smores, cookies, etc., etc.

Lisa brought a deep cast iron pot which we nestled in the fire to cook the foil-wrapped sword fish steak. That was such a win that I decided that we should put some sea water in the pot, add the muscles and top it with foil to steam the muscles. Another major win! Man, do we know how to do a beach bonfire / clam bake or what? Well, except for the complete lack of clams but that wasn't Lisa's fault, someone had cleaned out the store before she got there.

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4 Oct 2003: Bike trip to Pescadero (Casey)

Saturday was the big ride. Kaya was the only other person to brave this 63 mile Odyssey out to the coast and back. We climbed over the hill on Old La Honda and dropped down into the town of La Honda. Just past a Honda we took a left on Pescadero Road out to the town of Pescadero where we chowed down at the grocery store/deli.

We started on the long trek back on Stage Road (marveling at the Terminator Statue and entourage as usual) though San Gregorio to the quick connection on Highway 1 to Tunitas Creek Road. We climbed the seemingly never-ending Tunitas Creek Road back up to Skyline to connect to Kings Mountain Road and the descent into the town of Woodside. Beautiful views of the coast and lots and lots of hill climbing.

Someone we met claimed that it's actually 6,000 feet of vertical gain once you add up all the smaller rollers, etc. Others have claimed that it's only 4,000 feet. Whatever it is, I've just got to work on my fueling because I totally bonked. Luckily it didn't hit me hard till we'd left Woodside and there was only five more miles of mostly flat to go ...

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28 Sep 2003: Pt Reyes Hike (Casey)

The hike at Point Reyes was truly amazing. We started at the Bear Valley Visitor's Center, walked straight up over Mt. Wittenberg (being careful to actually hit the summit of course) and down to the coast. We got to play in the water at Sculptured Beach before starting the trek back via the Bear Valley road (actually a tree shrouded dirt track). We saw Fallow Deer and a raven that Dave insisted was a osprey till it took off and cawed at us.

After the hike we went five minutes up the road to the Point Reyes Station Cafe and had a fabulous dinner -- much better than we'd been led to expect by the reviews we'd found ... of course that couldn't have anything whatsoever to do with the 12 miles we'd hiked ... :-) Jen and Kayt both took some great pictures during the hike.

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