Well, we knew it might rain, and that the ridge looked foggy, but wanted to get out anyway...

So off we headed to Castle Rock. It got mistier/foggier as we got closer, and there were only 2 or 3 other cars there when we started.

It went from a light drizzle to off and on rain, although never really heavy. Since Ralph had never been there, we started off at Castle Rock itself. We then wandered down to California Ridge to see where Casey had been climbing, and then got slightly turned around on the way back to the trail (easy to do in the mist when you aren't paying attention), so did a very short bit of cross country before backtracking, and hitting the trail again.

We took the 2nd shortest loop, heading out past the falls (still just the barest trickle of water), and then up the first cross-trail to the ridge, since the rain was getting heavier, and the views were, hmm, limited. Then back down past Goat Rock, and returned to the car.

It was clearly a day for Pho, so we stopped on the way home and wrapped ourselves around steaming bowls of Pho, after which we were nicely warmed up, and ready for a shower and nap.

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Castle Rock in the Rain and Fog, 6 Dec 2003

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