Our Old La Honda/West Alpine on 29 Apr 2006

A few pictures and one movie from our Old La Honda/West Alpine bike ride. These were all taken using my camera phone, so quality isn't great, but it's what I've got.

It was really cold going down OLH, because of the fog sucking the heat right out of us. We ended up stopping for coffee and hot chocolate in La Honda, to warm up. We were glad to start up Pescadero and West Alpine, jus so we could warm up again. It was beautiful on the east side, and the top 3/4 of a mile on West Alpine, though.

Turns out that 84 between the bottom of Old La Honda and town had some badly damaged sections from slides and slumps. I wasn't expecting that kind of damage. Photos of

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A short 128x96 movie of Tracy riding down Old La Honda in the fog"