Any Browser Campaign (Courtesy of Carl Winbäck) This picture of me was taken in 2013, at Feather Falls
Near the Farallone Islands August 2015

Miramar webcam

Miramar Beach Inn webcam (click to see live)

Sam's (El Granada) webcam

Sam's webcam in El Granada ( (click to see live). Similar to my view, but I'm further back from the water, and higher elevation.

I'm Secretary (and past Chair) of the Midcoast Community Council
My Midcoast Community Council page

I'm also on the board of the Half Moon Bay History Association, and a docent for the museum at the old jail at 505 Johnston St.

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Dave Olson
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El Granada, CA 94018
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Yep, I'm on facebook, too. I'm currently the only match in facebook search for Dave Olson El Granada
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Work interests

Work history, in a nutshell

I'm now a Principal Engineer at Cumulus Networks in Mountain View. Cumulus Networks logo I started in September 2014, and work on OS, infrastructure, release policies, security issues, etc.
I worked at Cisco, in the Security products group (also known as STBU, STG, SGG, NCS). I was at Cisco from June 2010 to September 2014, working on next generation ASA products, and also various tools and infrastructure projects, most recently as the architect for the new low-end firewall appliance.
I worked at QLogic QLogic logo, (formerly PathScale) PathScale logo (originally Key Research) Key Research logo from 03/03/03, until June 2010.

I worked on InfiniBand adapter chip architecture and software (product name was InfiniPath, now Truescale). InfiniBand is very high speed and very low latency networking, usually used to connect large numbers of computers (clusters) so that they can solve very large problems.

I wrote the functional specification for the original chip, and have been the lead architect on all of the HCA chips (another group back east does InfiniBand switches). I'm on several of the patents for the chip, and have been team lead on the software for the chips (we've shipped 3 designs, and are getting ready to ship the 4th (QDR) version). I started very early (employee #8, if I remember right) when we were a startup. QLogic bought the company in 2006.

Tahoe Networks logo I worked at Tahoe Networks, from March 2001 until I laid off on 15 Jan 2003. They shut the doors for good in November 2003, although some of the employees went as a group to work for Nokia. It was an interesting project (digital cell phone data; GGSN, PDSN, etc., highly reliable, reasonably high capacity. A few units were sold, but only as lab eval units, apparently. Geocast logo I worked at Geocast, (on a system that broadcast data over unused Digital TV bandwidth, to a deskside receiver connected to a PC) until it went out of business 28 Feb 2001. R.I.P. A lot of great people, some fairly complex (working!) software on both broadcast and receiver side, some good hardware, but in the end, no customers, large or small.
SGI cube logo From May 1988 through Oct 1999, I worked at SGI. I started out writing SCSI drivers, eventually started working more on I/O architecture, and finally on systems architecture, and somewhere along the way became a Principal Engineer. The system I had the most influence on was the Octane, particularly the cross-bar I/O architecture, and the way it interacted with the system. I was also technical lead on the infamous "kernel threading" project, and was one of the folks who came up with and ramrodded through the IRIX 6.5 release and development model (still going after 6 years, amazingly enough). Altos Computers logo Prior to SGI, I worked at Altos Computers (out of business, purchased by Acer) for several years. I "improved" (ported) RFS to work (yes, including ioctls) between the 68K (SVR3-based) and X86 (Xenix-based) systems, and also worked on the RS-422 multidrop terminal project.
Fortune 32:16 OS floppy , Before Altos, I worked at Fortune Systems (even more out of business; I was the last OS person out the door at Fortune). Here's a picture of an Fortune 32:16 ad, courtesy of Here's a picture of an Fortune 32:16 itself, courtesy of I gave my (still booting) 32:16 in 2008 or 2009, along with application floppies that were licensed. USGS logo Way, way, way back (1979), I worked for USGS doing support work for the Marine Geology group in Palo Alto (even got to do some diving in Crater Lake!), and my very first programming outside school, on a PDP 11/23.
NOA logo Before USGS, I worked for NOAA as part of the NOAA/California Division of Lands Tidal Boundary survey project, whose results were used to determine where the tide-based property boundaries lay (affects state ownership, and therefore public access), all over California, although mostly in the San Francisco Bay and Delta. Lots of fun, lots of outdoor work, but, of course, being the government and field work, low pay. Before NOAA, I held a number of jobs, while going to college and shortly after, including working as a warehouseman and truck driver for InnerSpace Waterbeds, the company founded by the guy who "invented" the waterbed as his Master's Thesis.

While in high school and college, I worked at bike shops, repairing and assembling bicycles. I bought my Schwinn Paramount while working in a bike shop; it lasted 30 years, until the frame cracked.

My hiker's list pages, pictures, hike descriptions.

Description of hikes, bike rides and other outings with a varied group of friends (we have a mailing list; if you are interested, contact me by mail). Hiking links are here, at the bottom of the page.