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On Saturday, 12 September 2015, Several of us kayaked out of Pillar Point Harbor, and spent quite a while hanging out and watching humpbacks, and generally enjoying ourselves. Out for 3 hours, but we didn't cover too much distance, since we were enjoying whale watching. Not as many good pictures or movies this time, but one interesting audio track of a humpback breathing at the surface.

On Saturday, 29 August 2015, Kimberly and I went kayaking from Pillar Point Harbor down to the southern green buoy, with lots of humpback whale watching along the way, as well as lots of anchovy.


On Friday, 24 January 2014, I walked through the upper reaches of El Granada, up towards the top of El Granada Blvd, and then down to Surfers Beach. It was fairly hazy, but here are the pictures and movies that I got of a distant view of the Mavericks surf and contest.


On Sunday, 3 November 2013, there was enough wave action and power driving the surf to raise some pretty spectacular spray along the Montara shoreline today. It was near high tide, and I walked down to the reef at 8th and 9th streets, and at the lighthouse to take pictures and movies.

On Monday, 14 October 2013, near and at sunset, something about the cloud layer and water vapor caused the Farallones to be stretched vertically, and to take on strange shapes. I got some pictures and video from in front of our house on 6th in Montara, and from the bluffs at the end of 7th. Even caught a ship stretched the same way, from the south of the Farallones at the start, to the north at the end. And a nice shot or two of a pink contrail against the moon, to the east.

With the Farallones so visible, I realized there was one place in our house where you can see them, through a gap in the trees across the street, so that was a nice bonus!

On Sunday, 29 September 2013, from our living room and bedroom balcony, another wonderful Montara sunset.

On Sunday, 29 September 2013, I spent a couple of hours on the Montara reef, watching the waves break, reading, and watching seals, one in the water in front of me, a number hauled out on the north end. Also the pelt of a sea lion that washed up a few months ago.

On Saturday, 20 July 2013, we stopped by the beach at Linda Mar with friends for a little while to watch the Kahuna Kapana surf contest. Waves were on the small side and not breaking well, and it was pretty gusty, so we didn't stay too long.

On Saturday 6 July 2013, Gale and I walked from Gray Whale Cove up to the new parking lot at the south end of the tunnel, and then up the hill above Gray Whale Cove.

On Wednesday 26 June 2013, It was a minus 1.3 tide at about 7:30, so I went down to the Montara reef to play around. Started out with a stop at the end of 7th Street, and some nice views with a fogbow. I saw more nudibranchs than at Fitzgerald earlier in the week, but they were all the same Porostome (Doriopsilla albopunctata), assuming I identified it correctly. Lots of crabs, of course, as well as a few fish, including a 7 inch sculpin.

On Monday, 24 June 2013, Gale and I (and about 6 other people) were at the Fitzgerald Preserve reef at sunrise, with a -1.79 foot tide at 5:57 AM (14 minutes after sunrise). It was very misty, and then started a light rain, so lighting was challenging for spotting things, and even worse for photography. We saw a gumboot chiton, quite a few nudibranchs, and a few seals (one up on the reef). It was an interesting morning, even if we did not see anything too unusual. The GPS does seem to be confused about the elevation. We were standing pretty much at 0 elevation, and it seems to have settled on about -12m (-40 feet)...

On Thursday, 18 June 2013, we went for a walk near sunset. It was pretty overcast when we started, but clear at low levels, so got an interesting sunset. I tried a variety of exposures; most turned out OK. Got some interesting pictures of Martini Creek fading away into the sand. I also took a 2 minute long movie of the actual sunset. I was hoping for a green flash, but not tonight.

We caught the sunset on June 16, 2013 We caught it in a gap through the cypresses, taken from our bedroom deck. There was a very tiny green flash, but I didn't capture it in a picture. The pictures are a bit ragged, due to the low light. A small flight of pelicans went by in the first 2 pictures.


On Monday, 12 November 2012, we had a low (-1) tide at mid-afternoon. I took a few pictures of Montara Beach at a -1 tide with the sandbars visible. I hadn't realized how far off shore the sand bars went (at least, at this time of year). I saw people walking about 100 yards off the beach, and only up to their knees. I went out about an hour after low tide, and the trough between the beach and the bars was sometimes waist deep. In addition to the low tide, there were almost no swells, so everything was pretty calm.

On Sunday, 4 November, we had beautiful weather, and big waves, with lots of crashing spray, as well as lots of pelicans. Here's some pictures from the Montara Reef.

On Sunday, 17 May 2012, we had an almost annular eclipse. We weren't quite far enough north for a true annular eclipse, but we got most of it. Here's some pictures and movies of the progress of the eclipse.

On 1 April 2012 there was high surf in Montara. I took these movies pictures of the high surf at several points on the reef and beach in Montara, and the bluffs above. There are lots of pictures and movies... The surf had been even higher in the early morning, so there was lots of foam, and it was difficult to see the ground (and therefore dangerous walking) in places. I saw a few waves that must have been over 20 feet, but didn't get pictures or movies of them. A few times I saw spray being thrown up at least 50 feet, up towards Devil's Slide.

On Sunday, 22 Jan 2012, we had the first large surf since we moved to Montara, and I went down on the reef and Montara Beach , just after high tide. Lot's of big spray, crashing waves, and the waves were washing the bottom of the cliff on most of Montara Beach. I did see one surfer try to go out several times, but he kept getting washed back.

On Friday, 7 Jan 2012, There were big waves all day, and I was home catching up from vacation, so I went down and watched, and took these pictures. The prediction was for 13 foot waves, and some of them may have been that large.


On Saturday 8 Oct 2011, at the start of Fleet Week, we went out on the SF Joe, with Shing, Joanne, and a group of friends, watching the Parade of Ships coming in the gate (including an aircraft carrier this year), then the air show. No pictures of the Snow Birds, because we were eating lunch, but it was impressive seeing 9 planes in tight formation.

On Wednesday, 20 July 2011, I walked from our home down to the reef at the foot of 8th Street in Montara, after work, to explore and watch the sunset

Saturday, 26 Feb 2011 was supposed to be a snow day. We were predicted to have snow all over the Bay Area, down to sea level, even. It didn't really happen, although it was chilly. Very little snow evident, but we did have a dusting on the ridges near Higgens Purissima south of Half Moon Bay, and some ice on some winshields. Still have flowers in bloom./configure These shots were all taken just after sunrise.

Montara Beach sunset, the day after we closed on our Montara home


Gale, my Mom, and I had a nice picnic at Rock Springs, and then drove to the top of Mt Tam, and walked up to the top and admired the view (including my Moms house, in the first 2 pictures, marked with a white arrow)

We walked over to the bluff above Mavericks to watch the contest. Saw lots of people, had a good breakfast, Gale got soaked by spray from a really big wave, we saw some of the surfing, and had a fun adventure. It also shows how fast erosion is happening; a big slab of concrete fell between the 30 January set and this set taken on 13 Feburary 2010

Surf breaking over bluffs and road at Miramar at very high tide, 30 Jan 2010


Netting Bruce and Lisa's vineyeard, 30 Aug 2009.

Bike ride from Los Altos, up Redwood Gulch, Skyline, down Page Mill and return, 5 July 2009.

Bike ride from SF Train station to Tiburon, and return on the ferry, 4 July 2009.

Kate Wolf Memorial Festival, 2009.

Pictures from Vichy Hot Springs, where I stayed while attending the Kate Wolf music festival this year. A pleasant place to stay and soak, and some nice short hikes as well.

Pictures of baby hummingbirds in a nest outside my front door

The mother was pretty frantic at all the foot traffic under her nest for a while, divebombing us fairly often. The babies are probably about a week old in these pictures.

Miscellaneous even older pictures and galleries

Assorted photos of me, or that I've taken

Gallery of mostly work-related photos

Standard thing; click on the picture for the larger, higher quality version.
thumbnail of Picture_of_RoyalArches_Dave_Picture_circa_1979.jpg
A picture of me at Royal Arches (above the Ahwanee) around 1979, taken by my ex. This is a picture of picture, hence the flash flare.
My farewell T-Shirt (front) My farewell T-Shirt (back)
My farewell from SGI T-shirt, enscribed ;) by my co-workers. (front view) Yes, that is an Redtail Ale in my hand, after which I named my home system (my work system at SGI was anchor, named after Anchor Steam Beer. That was actually a series of systems, as I worked on new systems (4D/20, 4D/35, Indigo2, and finally, an MP/MXI OCTANE). My farewell from SGI T-shirt, enscribed ;) by my co-workers. (back view)
Picture of me Eating Habaneros
At SGI's 1994 picnic, another in my balloon hat tradition. Eating habanero hamburgers at the Prince of Wales pub. A somewhat bizarre SGI tradition...
Special effects Dave in a tie
A double exposure of me and CD This is a (almost literally!) once in a lifetime picture of me in a tie. It's the first time that I've worn a tie since I was a teenager, and it may well be the last time. It was part of a "dress differently" theme part at SGI. Yes, that *is* an Microsoft/SGI shirt, also, and I'm not exactly a fan of MS. It's about as different from normal as I'm likely to ever be, short of wearing a suit, which is even less likely; the last time I did that was at a wedding when I was 7 or 8 years old!
Gerry, Betsy, and Dave at SGI, Winterfair 2000

The image of me in a tie was cropped from this picture of Gerry Lohr, Betsy Zeller, and I at the SSBU's Winterfair 2000.

Fortune Systems company picnic, 1985

This is a picture I just recently found from my days at Fortune Systems. It's from the company picnic in the summer of 1985.

As far as I can tell, I'm not in it anywhere, but it's hard to tell for sure even with a magnifying lens in bright sunlight. The large image is 128KB, 1024x771. Unfortunately, at this resolution, it's hard to see anybody. I've therefore got one more scanned at a higher resolution. This one is 600KB, and 1940x1461. Still tough to see much, unfortunately.

After I tore my biceps tendon (stupidly strong bouldering accident)
thumbnail of biceps-rupture.jpg thumbnail of
On right showing bicep moved up arm (compare to photo of left arm on left) because it's no longer attached to the bone on the bottom after tendon rupture (torn from bone below biceps). Bandage over splint, day after surgery

Family pictures. I keep meaning to add more, but somehow don't get around to it.
My dad in 1956 (2nd from R)
A picture of my dad and some of his co-workers at what is now Caltrans, taken in 1956. My dad is 2nd from the right, and the picture was given to my dad for his 70th birthday (his last, he succumbed to cancer shortly afterward) by his friend Bob Crockett (2nd from left).
thumbnail of Mom-hiking_2005-10-08-1634.jpg thumbnail of Dad_mom_circa_1991.jpg
My mom, hiking on Blithedale Ridge. My mom and dad, circa 1991
thumbnail of Kevin_Torah_repair_2003-03-09-1157.jpg thumbnail of kevin_stanford_2009-09-27-1131.jpg
Kevin Torah repair Kevin around age 2 on Stanford Mausoleum sphinx

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