Snapshots from Casey and Dave's trip to the canyon country October 2002


We went to Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, and the Grand Canyon, including Havasu

These photos were all take with 35 mm disposable cameras, of varying brands (mostly Fuji, but at least 4 others, including a Kodak). One was done with a Kodak APS panoramic camera (some at Bryce). I purchased a 35 mm panoramic at Natural Bridges, and most of the Monument Valley pictures are from that camera as well.

I was generally pretty happy with the cameras; the Fuji's also come in a smaller and lighter form factor without a flash, if you want to save weight. The developing was all at Walmart, and I ordered prints and CDs. The CD high res was 1536x1024. OK for snapshots, but not really all you could get from the negatives. One Kodak camera (used on the hike to the Colorado River) survived (mostly without damging the pictures) being fully immersed in Havasu Creek (at the last river crossing, where we went waist deep, I forgot I had it in my shorts pocket).

Mostly I've named the photo images as they were on CD, except for pre-pending "Cam#" where more than one camera was used on a given day. I've processed a few of the images to crop out my fingers, deal with contrast problems, rotate them, etc., using the IRIX imgworks software, and will probably do more of that as I get time.

The photos are all here, but we haven't yet written much in the way of captions, or finished the accompanying text. We plan to do that over the next week or so, for the more interesting ones, at least.

As of 9 November, all the pages have at least some captions and details about the activities of the day, although a number of pictures have no detailed captions.

Overall, we figure that we did around 10,000 feet total vertical gain, and around 90-95 miles of hiking. As we get time, we'll try to verify that and break it down on a daily basis. It was enough to make us feel like we accomplished something, but not so much that we destroyed ourselves, or feel that we have to compete against the youngsters!


All pictures are indexed as small thumbnails

Click on an image to see the 1/2 size, higher quality picture (usually 768x512) or the link below to see the maximum size image from the photoCD, (usually 1536x1024).


  • Day 1 (1 Oct 2002). No pictures for today. We drove across Tioga Pass, managing to hit the first snow storm of the season, with about 3 inches of snow on the road just east of the pass. Driving through Toulumne Meadows in the snow, we were listening to the forecast describing the weather as warm and sunny...

    After getting down to 395, we stopped at Hot Springs creek for a while to soak and warm up. Then it was off to Bishop to pick up a 1/2 pound of beef and elk jerky, and onward to the thriving (not!) metropolis of Tonopah, Nevada, where we found a reasonable mexican restaurant. (We did pretty well on restauarants on the trip, finding some good ones, all by accident, and only managing one really bad one (in Williams, AZ; don't stop at Pancho McGillicuddy's...)

  • Pictures from Day 2 (2 Oct 2002) (Nevada and Zion north)
  • Pictures from Day 3 (3 Oct 2002) (Zion Canyon)
  • Pictures from Day 4 (4 Oct 2002) (Bryce Canyon, on the way to Capitol Reef)
  • Pictures from Day 5 (5 Oct 2002) (Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, and Monument Valley)
  • Pictures from Day 6 (6 Oct 2002) (Monument Valley, Grand Canyon)
  • Pictures from Day 7 (7 Oct 2002) (Hiking into Havasu, first visit to falls)
  • Pictures from Day 8 (8 Oct 2002) (mostly Navajo Falls, including upper falls and cataracts)
  • Pictures from Day 9 (9 Oct 2002) (Down Havasu Creek to the Colorado River and back)
  • No Pictures from Day 10 (10 Oct 2002). We hiked out of Havasu on this day, and some pictures were taken, but none seem to have turned out or that camera was lost). We ate an early dinner in Kingman, and stayed the night in Needles
  • Pictures from Day 11 (11 Oct 2002) (Needles to Palo Alto)
This top page has just one image from each day, so it will load quickly. Each page currently has around 250-400 KBytes of "thumbnails" for fairly fast loading, and a choice of two different resolution large images for each.

Some useful or interesting links for the places that we visited

As a side note, I highly recommend the National Geographic maps of these parks. They are detailed enough to be useful for hiking, and even some route-finding, and have assorted other useful information on them as well. They are on a treated paper, so they are quite durable as well. They are a bit bulky, but you can't have everything...
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Representative pictures, one from each day

AlienHwy, Nevada Day 2 (4KB/237KB)
(Full size image)

On the Alien Highway in Nevada, Day 2

Zion Canyon from Observation point, Day 3(5KB/106KB)
(Full size image)

Zion Canyon from Observation point, Day 3

Bryce Canyon(5KB/71KB)/185KB)
(Full size image)

Bryce Canyon, Day 4

Sipapu.Bridge (6KB/74KB)/146KB)
(Full size image)

Sipapu Bridge at Natural Bridges, Day 5

Grandview trail (7KB/98KB)/477KB)
(Full size image)

Grandview trail at Grand Canyon (Day 6)

Havasu Falls (6KB/73KB)/194KB)
(Full size image)

Havasu Falls, Day 7

Navajo Falls (6KB/86KB)/425KB)
(Full size image)

Navajo Falls, Day 8

Colorado_R_at_Havasu (7KB/115KB)/384KB)
(Full size image)

Colorado River at Havasu, Day 9

Clouds in Palo Alto, home again on Day 11 (5KB/51KB)/261KB)
(Full size image)

Clouds in Palo Alto, home again on Day 11!

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