My Sardinia Vacation, June 2-17, 2015

Sardinia (at lower left).
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Highlights of my trip

The highlights page has a small subset of the full pictures on the other pages.

A long afternoon walk around Rome , after my flight from San Francisco.
Visits to various Nuraghic (Bronze Age) sites from various parts of my trip.
Alghero-based kayaking, including side trips .
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The San Pantaleo-based kayaking, including side trips
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For the rest of the trip, I rented an Opel Corsa with a 5 speed manual transmission, and mostly wandered around, choosing destinations and stopping points as I went. I seldom drove more than an hour at a time, mostly on secondary roads; only 90 minutes of the trip was on a freeway. I ended up driving just under 1000 kilometers (the direct route from Olbia via Oristano to Cagliara is 240 kilometers).
Thursday afternoon, I drove from Olbia to Passo Silana, south along the coast, with stops at several beaches.
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Pictures (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) of the area around Passo Silana (a pass at 1017m elevation). Most of the pictures are from the windy road, and include some pictures of the mouth of Gorropu Canyon. I stayed at the B&B of my guides, on the pass. Sandra and Franco's site, in German and Italian (with English links). I highly recommend them if you are looking for guided trips.
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The Heliches Artas cave is about 8km northwest of the canyon mouth.
On Friday (after a really impressive early morning thunderstorm) I went on a "wild" cave tour to the Heliches Artas cave near Oliena, in the Valle di Lanaitho. Franco was my guide. We were joined by a German couple, Lutker and Ursula.
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The cave is approximately at the dot in the top left corner.
On Saturday, we hiked down into the upper portion of Gorropu Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in Europe. Sandra was my guide, while Franco went rock climbing nearby with another client.
Sunday, I drove from the Serra Orrios (Nuraghic village) to Arborea This is the central-eastern part of Sardinia to the southwest coast. Nuraghi pictures are in the separate page above, this is mostly scenery.
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The route I drove from Serra Orrios Nuraghi Village to Su Tempiesu "Sacred Fountain" at Orune, then down secondary roads through the interior to Oristano and Arborea on the southwest coast.
Sunday night I stayed in Arborea, and drove to Tharros the next day. Here's some pictures of the Oristano and Arborea area. in Arborea at an agriturismo. Mostly lagoons and beaches, including flamingos.
Click for google map of the Oristano area, including the Sinis penninsula where Tharros is located.
On Monday, I visited Tharros. It's a very interesting archeological site on the Sinis penninsula, west of Oristano. It has Nuraghic, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman ruins, spanning at least two thousand years. It also has a Spanish watch tower from the 16th century, so quite a bit of history.
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Monday afternoon I drove to Sant' Antioco is both a town and an island. It's connected by a bridge to Sardinia. I stayed in a nice B&B in the town (and walked around some of it's historic sites), then drove around the island Tuesday. I drove the only stretch of freeway on my way to Sant' Antioco, but broke that up by going to see the site of an old Spanish castle on a hill.
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Sant' Antioco Island, connected to Sardinia by a bridge.
Tuesday afternoon I drove from Sant' Antioco to Cagliari was my last full day on Sardinia. I took the scenic route, mostly along the coastline on the southern end of Sardinia, stopping at a few beaches along the way.
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My route from Sant' Antioco along the south coast to Cagliari

Tuesday night I stayed at the Hotel 4 Mori in Cagliari (I recommend it, if you are visiting Cagliari) a couple of blocks from the ferry landing. The hotel manager recommended the Galleria 18 Pizzeria Bisteccheria, a short walk away, where I had an excellent gluten-free pizza, and Belgian glutenpfree beer (they had at least 5 different gluten free beers). No pictures of that, but they are Facebook.

Wednesday morning early I drove to the airport, and flew home via Rome and Munich. On my way from SFO to Rome, and Rome to SFO, I flew Lufthansa (a great airline!).