Sant' Antioco Island, connected to Sardinia by a bridge.
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SantAntioco town and island, Sunday and Monday, June 15/16, 2015

Sunday night I stayed at the B&B La Pineta, a very nice and reasonable place, and easy to reach (not always true in Sardinian towns!). I walked around the town in the evening, including a number of archaelogical sites.

Monday I started the day by driving around the island, stopping at beaches and coves, and at a Nuraghic site in the interior.

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SantAntiocoBay_2015-06-15-161425 thumbnail

Sant' Antioco Bay, approaching the island.

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Panorama of the bay, with the town on the middle left

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At the top of a hill on the west side of the town are a number of archaeological sites.

SantAntioco_2015-06-15-183912 thumbnail

Nuraghic, Roman, and Spanish/Catalonian. I walked over from my B&B, and wandered around.

SantAntioco_2015-06-15-183925 thumbnail
SantAntioco_2015-06-15-183935 thumbnail
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A "typical" view out over the city, to the southwest from the old fort.

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An archeologic park.

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This Nuraghic site excavation was right in the middle of a residential area. Just another lot...

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I really like these rather artistic metal railings

SantAntioco_2015-06-15-192050 thumbnail

The downtown waterfront, near where I ate dinner. The commercial port is further south, on the other side of the bridge to the island.

Monday after breakfast, I started my circumnavigation of the island

It's not that large an island, even with my many stops, and side trip to the Nuraghic site, it was less than 3 hours.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-100618 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-100647 thumbnail

I liked this alignment of the old rowboat and the fishing boat on a beach just southeast of the town.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-100702 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-100718 thumbnail
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Panorama looking towards the south coast of Sardinia

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SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-100930 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-100945 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-101606 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-102548 thumbnail
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As is true of most of the Sardinian coast, there were a number of Catalonian watch towers

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A nice way to do archaelogical site signs.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-103226 thumbnail
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A beautiful cove, just north of the watchtower.

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I drove about 8 kms into the interior, first on a narrow road, then dirt, to this Nuraghic site after noticing a sign. All in ruins, but interesting.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111018 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111133 thumbnail
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SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111617 thumbnail

One of the few intact portions.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111621 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111629 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111700 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111704 thumbnail
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A very typical Nuraghic tower entrance.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-111816 thumbnail
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There were supposed to be more sites, so I kept driving the dirt road, but it got pretty bad after this old abandoned building, so I gave up on it.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-114935 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-115037 thumbnail
SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-115105 thumbnail
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"Half Moon Bay" (loosely translated)! It had a little cafe just to the left, on the beach.

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-122515 thumbnail

The Guardia Costiera (coast guard) base, on the Sardinian side of the bridge to Sant' Antioco, as I start my trip to Cagliari

SantAntiocoIsland_2015-06-16-122519 thumbnail
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