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Sant' Antioco to Cagliari, Monday, June 16, 2015

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The last Nuraghic site I visited on my trip, near Sant' Anna Arresi.

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There isn't much left that's intact, but it was a nice short stop.

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More Nuraghic sites, but they all involved a hike, so I passed them by. This was the last one I noticed on my way Cagliari.

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TeuladaWindyRoad_2015-06-16-134150.mp4 Movie 73 Seconds (88MB)

A minute or so of the windiest road I drove on the whole trip. Not for those who get car sick.

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A beach with another Spanish watchtower on the hill. I was planning to spend some time on the beach, but they charged for parking, so drove on...
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Santa Margherita Beach, about 40 kms from Cagliari. This was my last beach stop and swim of the vacation.

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A 270 degree panorama of the beach and inland hills. This is a destination beach area for Cagliari, lots of small resorts.

SantaMargheritaBeach_2015-06-16-152342.mp4 Movie 48 Seconds (58MB)
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