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Arborea is towards the bottom.

Sunday and Monday, June 14-15, 2015

I drove out to the beach at Arborea after breakfast, then back through Oristano on my way out to Tharros. After I spent the morning at Tharros (and some time on the beach north of it), I drove down the only stretch of freeway on my whole trip, on my way to Sant' Antioco. Along the way, I stopped to take pictures of the castle Castello di Monreale.
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OristanoArrubiaFlamingos_2015-06-14-185230.mp4 Movie 18 Seconds (22MB)

Flamingos, in a pond alongside the road

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Most of this area used to be marsh with open water. It was mostly diked and "de-watered" during the Mussolini period.

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ArboreaBeach_2015-06-15-090810.mp4 Movie 64 Seconds (77MB)

The beach at Arborea, near where I stayed Arborea itself is quite new, for Sardinia, It was built in the 1920's after the marshes were drained, as a farming town.

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An old bunker is a reminder of WW2

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Oristano_2015-06-15-100829 thumbnail

Torre Grande, just west of Oristano, on the way to Tharros.

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Oristano_2015-06-15-100921 thumbnail

This tower is much larger than most of the watchtowers of it's period.

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Oristano_2015-06-15-103234 thumbnail

On the way to Tharros, I spotted this village at an agriturismo. I'm not sure what it represents. Their website doesn't say...

Oristano_2015-06-15-103302 thumbnail
Oristano_2015-06-15-103306 thumbnail
Oristano_2015-06-15-103340 thumbnail
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There's a large time gap here, because I gave Tharros a page of it's own.
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144050 thumbnail

I saw a sign for a castle, as I went down the freeway, so I pulled off and found my way to a very narrow road that approached it. There were several other buildings. I didn't get to the castle itself, but I got some pictures of it.

Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144117 thumbnail

The name of the castle is the Castello di Monreale

Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144320 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144325 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144522 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144526 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144535 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144539 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144555 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144559 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144721 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144838 thumbnail
Castello-di-Monreale_2015-06-15-144842 thumbnail
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