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The route I drove from Serra Orrios Nuraghi Village to Su Tempiesu "Sacred Fountain" at Orune, then down secondary roads through the interior to Oristano and Arborea on the southwest coast.

Serra Orrios to Arborea, Sunday, June 14 2015

After I left Passo Silana, I stayed at an Agriturismo near the Serra Orrios Nuraghic village. I toured the village in the morning, then drove to Orune, to see the Su Tempiesu Fonte Sacre (sacred fountain), another Nuraghic site. Leaving Orune, I happened to see another sign for the Nuragico Noddule village, which had a similar well. Then I drove south through Nuoro. The Nuraghi pictures are all in the Nuraghi page, so these pictures start at Lodine.

Outside Lodine a fox crossed the road in front of me (no picture, unfortunately). Lodine was an interesting village, so I spent a few minutes there, and then headed on down the road, winding my way to the city of Oristano on the southeast coast. It has quite a few lagoons, and I saw flocks of flamingos. After a bit of driving around, I decided to spend the night in Arborea, at another Agriturismo. I spent some time the next morning out at the beach west of Arborea, then headed back through Oristano to Tharros. Arborea is one of the marshy areas reclaimed during the Mussolini era, and is now farmland.

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A Domus de Jana (house of the fairies) Nuraghic tomb on the outskirts of Lodine

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one of many springs along the roads

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Tufoni caves, similar to many at home off of Skyline. Most of the way to Oristano, now.

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