Saturday, 12 September 2015

Yao, Wendell, and I went kayaking from the harbor towards Miramar, then out to the buoy and back. We missed meeting Kimberly somehow. It was a cool and somewhat foggy day, but pretty nice.

There were lots of humpback whales, plenty of harbor porpoises, and thousands of sooty shearwaters, with lots of murres, pelicans, etc.

Most of the movies are whales, a few are porpoises, or just the birds.

A few of the pictures got the whales, but mostly spouts.

All images Copyright © 2015 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures have links to the google map location where they were taken (if the GPS was on).

Click on pictures for a medium size picture that fits on most browsers The large picture can then be viewed by clicking in turn on the medium size picture. The large images are good for seeing fine detail, and for printing. If they are larger than 3000 pixels in any dimension, they are shown at 1/2 size; the original full image is available on request for those. Movies are MPEG4 movies (new ones are H.264), and the thumbnail gives the size of the movie.

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Audio of a humpback whatle at the surface (about 10 seconds in)
kayak-whales_2015-09-12-101933 thumbnail
kayak-whales_2015-09-12-101934 thumbnail
kayak-whale-spout_2015-09-12-102000 thumbnail
kayak-whales_2015-09-12-102016.mp4 Movie 8 Seconds (9.8MB)
kayak-whales_2015-09-12-102034.mp4 Movie 5 Seconds (6.2MB)
kayak-whale-spout_2015-09-12-102417 thumbnail 37.48665,-122.47443

37°29'11''N 122°28'27''W (map)

kayak-whale-spout_2015-09-12-102437 thumbnail 37.48664,-122.47439

37°29'11''N 122°28'27''W (map)

kayak-whale-spout_2015-09-12-102439 thumbnail 37.48664,-122.47438

37°29'11''N 122°28'27''W (map)

kayak-porpoise_2015-09-12-102508.mp4 Movie 6 Seconds (7.4MB)
kayak-porpoises_2015-09-12-102544.mp4 Movie 9 Seconds (11MB)
kayak-porpoise_2015-09-12-103042.mp4 Movie 6 Seconds (7.4MB)
kayak-pelicans_2015-09-12-104218.mp4 Movie 12 Seconds (15MB)
kayak-wendell-yao_2015-09-12-104226 thumbnail 37.48362,-122.46453

37°29'1''N 122°27'52''W (map)

kayak-whales-breathingsound_2015-09-12-112726.mp4 Movie 19 Seconds (23MB)
kayak-whales-breathingsound_2015-09-12-113208.mp4 Movie 26 Seconds (32MB)
kayak-whales_2015-09-12-113408.mp4 Movie 27 Seconds (33MB)
kayak-whale_2015-09-12-113448 thumbnail 37.48261,-122.47912

37°28'57''N 122°28'44''W (map)

kayak-miramar-shearwaters_2015-09-12-113604.mp4 Movie 18 Seconds (22MB)
kayak-wendell_2015-09-12-113621 thumbnail 37.48244,-122.47907

37°28'56''N 122°28'44''W (map)

kayak-wendell-yao_2015-09-12-113624 thumbnail 37.48244,-122.47906

37°28'56''N 122°28'44''W (map)

kayak-wendell-yao-whalespouts_2015-09-12-113752.mp4 Movie 29 Seconds (35MB)
kayak-wendell-whale_2015-09-12-114310.mp4 Movie 12 Seconds (15MB)
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