Sunday, 29 September 2013

From our living room and bedroom balcony, another wonderful sunset.
All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures are taken mostly on my Nikon S9500, and most have links to the google map location where they were taken (if the GPS worked).

Click on pictures for a medium size picture that fits on most web browsers The large picture can then be viewed by clicking in turn on the medium size picture. The large images are good for seeing fine detail, and for printing. If they are larger than 3000 pixels in any dimension, they are shown at 1/2 size; the original full image is available on request for those. Movies are MPEG4 movies (new ones are H.264), and the thumbnail gives the size of the movie.

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MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185237 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185243 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185250 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185257 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185307 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185350 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185424 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185442 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185448 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185453 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185509 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185513 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185518 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185524 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185556 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185606 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185618 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185623 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185652 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185657 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185703 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-185954.mp4 Movie 136 Seconds (49MB)
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190041 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190102 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190106 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190118 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190122 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190129 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190139 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190157 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190208 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190215 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190251 thumbnail
MontaraSunset_2013-09-29-190257 thumbnail
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