Easter Sunday, 31 March 2013

It was a minus 0.5 tide Sunday morning around 8:30 at Montara. We got down to the beach about 9:30, but it was still quite low, with the sandbars exposed at least 200 feet off the beach (with the typical narrow but waist-deep trenches between most of the bar and the beach).

The first movie and first few pictures were taken out our living room window.

It was one of the low tides with smaller than normal waves, so the sandbars were actually exposed to air much of the time. We saw a seal on the bar, and guessed it was hunting clams or other shell fish (movie of that at end of the page).

Lots of short movies and pictures of surfers, and of the wave patterns. I really like the way you get reflected and refracted waves, when the beach is like this, and you sometimes get waves coming from three or even four directions, converging on the same spot. I took quite a few pictures and movies standing out near the outer edge of the middle sandbar.

Turns out one of the surfers at the south end of the beach was our neighbor Ryan; we saw him at his truck leaving the beach.

All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted.

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MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-091358.mp4 Movie (13MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-091448 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-091518 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-091525 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-091534 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092331 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092335 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092411 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092517 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092653 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092658 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092721.mp4 Movie (16MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092821 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092824 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092830 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092836 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092838 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092843 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092845 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092904 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-092911.mp4 Movie (8.4MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093126 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093132 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093141 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093148 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093213 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093253 thumbnail If you look carefully, a surfer is walking (not stand up paddling) at the far left of the picture. Not completely obvious in the picture, but he's not even up to his knees, and you can see how far out he is from the beach.
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093257 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-093748.mp4 Movie (46MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094036 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094038 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094041 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094043 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094050 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094056 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094106 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094118.mp4 Movie (18MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094216 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094219 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094224 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094233 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094323 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094328.mp4 Movie (13MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094446 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094528 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094602 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094605 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094608 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094610 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094616 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094622 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094625 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094637.mp4 Movie (25MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094816 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094827 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094839 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094844 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094851 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094923 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094927 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-094931.mp4 Movie (21MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095124 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095140 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095154 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095203.mp4 Movie (13MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095443 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095446 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095450 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095459 thumbnail
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-095931.mp4 Movie (1.8MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100023.mp4 Movie (1.6MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100244.mp4 Movie (1.2MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100450.mp4 Movie (4.3MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100529.mp4 Movie (1.1MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100715.mp4 Movie (1.9MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100754.mp4 Movie (2.1MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-100930.mp4 Movie (5.4MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-101040.mp4 Movie (1.4MB)
MontaraLowTide_2013-03-31-101216.mp4 Movie (1000KB)
MontaraLowTide_Seal_2013-03-31-095605.mp4 Movie (22MB) Breaking waves, and a seal on the sandbar (hunting?). The camera saw it better than we could, as you can tell by our comments.
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