30 Mar 2013

I rode my bike from home in Montara up through the tunnels and back again, taking movies at various points as I rode. I had planned to then ride up the old highway and back down, and enjoying the views with no traffic, but I should have done it Tuesday. There are now gates at each end, and somebody stationed there to make sure you don't go around them...

Also see my pictures and movies from the tunnel opening ceremonies

All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted.

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BikeRide-Tunnel_NB_entrance-2013-03-30-143906.mp4 Movie (16MB) NB tunnel entrance movie
BikeRide-Tunnel_NB_exit-2013-03-30-144409.mp4 Movie (18MB) NB tunnel exit movie
BikeRide-Tunnel_NB_bridge-2013-03-30-144611.mp4 Movie (13MB) NB tunnel bridge movie
BikeRide-Tunnel_SB_bridge-2013-03-30-144723.mp4 Movie (11MB) SB tunnel bridge movie
BikeRide-Tunnel_SB_entrance_2013-03-30-144832.mp4 Movie (8.7MB) SB tunnel entrance movie
BikeRide-Tunnel_SB_exit-2013-03-30-145024.mp4 Movie (13MB) SB tunnel exit movie
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143628 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143638 thumbnail This is where all the dirt and rock from boring the tunnels was dumped, just south and east of the tunnel entrances. Formerly a valley...
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143641 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143647 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143837 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143858 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-143900 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144054 thumbnail The green signal lights reflect all through the tunnels, providing an interesting lighting effect.
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144113 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144120 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144123 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144153 thumbnail One of the emergency escapes between the two tunnels. The one in the center of the tunnel is large enough for emergency vehicles.
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144201 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144521 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144526 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144529 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144535 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-144538 thumbnail They clearly are expecting to have pedestrians, even though the signs at the tunnel entrance and exits say no pedestrians. The sign was wrong; no people or bikes in the southbound tunnel, just cars. It might have been triggered by me being in the northbound tunnel, but then why light up the southbound sign?
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145154 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145211 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145232 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145254 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145300 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145304 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145339 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145346 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145453 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145456 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145458 thumbnail Gate at south end of "old" Devil's Slide highway
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145505 thumbnail Gate at south end of "old" Devil's Slide highway, with signs prohibiting entrance.
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145510 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145522 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145543 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145552 thumbnail The old 1872 (1879?) Coast trail, above the south tunnel entrance
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145557 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145615 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145621 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145624 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145636 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145651 thumbnail The coastline just below the south tunnel entrances. It was a pretty cloudy day, so the ocean had that special silvery glitter.
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145656 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145714 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145721 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145902 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145912 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145917 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145927 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145930 thumbnail
BikeRide-Tunnel_2013-03-30-145940 thumbnail
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