Devil's Slide Tom Lantos Tunnels Opening Ceremonies 25 Mar 2013

The opening ceremonies for the Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil's Slide were today, and I was an uninvited guest. The CHP let a few of us who arrived early stay right next to the new tunnel, since several of us rode our bikes. Thanks to the officers! There were the usual speeches, thanking each other, and of course, the folks who fought long and hard for the tunnel, some of whom were there. It was 'by invitation only', and no walk through the tunnel. The Half Moon Bay and Terra Nova (Pacifica) marching bands were there, and a few of them, at least, got to walk into the tunnel a bit.

There were a few folks up on the bluff west of the tunnel, and 3 or 4 folks up above the tunnel, on the old 1872 coast trail, which I thought was appropriate (I caught them in a few pictures and a movie). The vultures and hawks circled the ceremonies, but decided no food was available. The ceremony ended with a ribbon cutting, and then the marching bands led the way as the parade of (mostly) antique cars drove through the southbound tunnel, horns honking, and many with the tunnel bumper stickers, and a few with the Thnk Tnl license plates.

We can just barely see the one of light standards at the start of the tunnel approach from our living room window (fortunately, just one), but not quite the portals. The south tunnel lighted info sign we see all too clearly, but fortunately Caltrans has agreed to remove that one!

(Tuesday morning note: the sign said "Tunnel Open" this morning at 6:20, when I got up! They were still working on removing barricades at midnight...)

Oh, and there are a couple of great youtube videos of somebody riding their bike through the tunnels; (Easter 2012 southbound, then again posted in July 2012 riding through both tunnels.

Also see the movies and pictures of my bike ride through the tunnels on Saturday, 30 March 2013, and a hike in June that partially followed the old Half Moon Bay - trail that is just above the south tunnel entrance.

All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted.

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TunnelOpeningCarParade-2013-03-25-124920.mp4 Movie (171MB) This is the 7 1/2 minute long video of the (mostly) antique car parade that drive through the southbound tunnel to end the opening ceremony. (The first 15 seconds are blurry; full zoom, and low light kept the camera from focusing.) It's also on youtube
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-101822 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-101839.mp4 Movie (21MB)
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102300 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102305 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102310 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102314 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102624 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102636 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-102643.mp4 Movie (9.5MB)
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103451 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103457 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103522 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103619 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103620 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103717 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103724 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103730 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103741 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103747 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103804.mp4 Movie (17MB)
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103926 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103930 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103938 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-103942 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104124 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104153 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104206 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104529 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104551 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104559 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104600 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104608 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-104616.mp4 Movie (11MB)
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-105728 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110044 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110049 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110058.mp4 Movie (15MB)
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110202 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110258 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110302 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110448.mp4 Movie (21MB)
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-110555.mp4 Movie (15MB)
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-111209 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-111454.mp4 Movie (25MB)
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-111641 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-111656 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-112516a thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-112524 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-112524a thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-113405 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-113411 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-113725 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-113739 thumbnail Some people up on the old 1872 coast trail, way above the tunnel opening.
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-113754.mp4 Movie (24MB)
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-114415 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-114428 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-114441 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-114449 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-115537 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-115607 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-120010 thumbnail
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-120033 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-120212 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-120216 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121053 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121111 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121118 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121122 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121316 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121519 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121530 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-121539 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122226 thumbnail About to cut the ribbon!
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122233 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122243.mp4 Movie (18MB) Movie of the actual ribbon cutting ceremony.
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122345.mp4 Movie (3.9MB)
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TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122418 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122420 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122432 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122435 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122440 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122449 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122455 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-122705 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-123026 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-123031 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-123224 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-123233 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-123237.mp4 Movie (8.1MB)
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-124126 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-124554 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-124559 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-124606 thumbnail
TunnelOpening_2013-03-25-124714.mp4 Movie (16MB) The start of the car parade (full parade at top of page), when the cars were just barely through the north portal.