Monday, 14 October 2013

Near and at sunset, something about the cloud layer and water vapor caused the Farallones to be stretched vertically, and to take on strange shapes. I got some pictures and video from in front of our house on 6th in Montara, and from the bluffs at the end of 7th. Even caught a ship stretched the same way, from the south of the Farallones at the start, to the north at the end. And a nice shot or two of a pink contrail against the moon, to the east.

With the Farallones so visible, I realized there was one place in our house where you can see them, through a gap in the trees across the street, so that was a nice bonus!

All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures are taken mostly on my Sony H20.

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Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182337 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182457 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182534.mp4 Movie 24 Seconds (8.3MB)
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182545 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182558 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182622 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182652 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-182703 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183217 thumbnail Look darefully, there's a tanker towards the left edge.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183237 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183247 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183324.mp4 Movie 25 Seconds (7.6MB)
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183418 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183423 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183426 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183430 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183437 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183439 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183458 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183509 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183556.mp4 Movie 39 Seconds (14MB)
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183656.mp4 Movie 38 Seconds (14MB)
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183844.mp4 Movie 63 Seconds (23MB) Sun setting into the clouds. My eye thought there was a bit of an early green flash, but the camera didn't see it, so probably wishful thinking. We *did* get quite a bright flash the previous night at the beach.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183913 thumbnail Now the tanker is north of the Farallones, almost at the right edge.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183917 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183924 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183928 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-183954 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184000 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184009 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184201 thumbnail Just the tanker, centered.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184246.mp4 Movie 35 Seconds (11MB) A flight of pelicans in the sunset, and one last bit of the Farallones, and the contrail that I later shot next to the moon.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184325 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184329 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184336 thumbnail No telephot on this picture. The Farallones are right in the center.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184656 thumbnail Jet contrail against the moon, looking east on 6th.
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-184710 thumbnail
Farallones_Sunset_2013-10-14-185132 thumbnail One last picture from in front of the house, 12 minutes after sunset.
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